What’s In A Name?

A Ninja (ˈninjə ) is a person who is skilled and excels in a particular activity. Cycle Ninjas are people who live, eat and breathe cycling. Their bike may very well be their best friend and they are happiest on their bike and out on the road.

We are Cycle Ninjas. Welcome to the family. 

Our founder, Griffin Steel, grew up in England and spent most of his childhood in the countryside. When he wasn’t at school he was out exploring far and wide. Always on his trusty bike and sometimes accompanied by his Jack Russel, Jack. It was in these formative years that he found his passion for cycling and the outdoors.

Griffin later moved to the United States where he pursued advanced degrees in business and international studies. He successfully climbed the corporate ladder for the best part of a decade, but there was always something missing. Despite his success, he wanted to do something that he was passionate about. His cycling has always been his passion and so in 2018, he founded Cycle Ninjas.

Our Products

We create stylish cycling gear for when you’re cycling those epic routes, as well as  unique t-shirts and souvenirs that die-hard cyclists love.  You’ll find handy gadgets and equipment to update  you to pro-level.  Our products are of a high quality and we hope that you love them as much as we do.



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